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Gravestone Murder Mystery | Dinner Date Night

March 4th | 5pm

Howdy Partners!

It's time to saddle up your steed and ride on over to the town of Gravestone for a murder mystery party!

Where your story begins

Given the current state of affairs in Gravestone, Arizona, the mayor fears for his life and hasn't seen the sun in months. With the last three sheriffs mysteriously shot in the back, Gravestone has become a lawless town run by a bunch of outlaws who call themselves The Ranchers. Wylie Arp, the former sheriff of Duck City, Kansas, has left his career as a lawman and traveled west to Gravestone with his brothers and friends. He has sunk his life savings into a business and plans to live the remainder of his days free from the stress of law enforcement. Little did Wylie know what awaited him in Gravestone.

Soon after Mr. Arp arrived in Gravestone, the mayor asked Bella Starry to invite everyone in town for a celebration. The mayor has high hopes that Wylie and his brothers will consider taking over as the law enforcement in town - given their history in Duck City. He desperately needs to get The Ranchers under control or better yet…run them out of town. It's nearly time to gather at the Gravestone Saloon.
This is where your story begins...


Every traveler attending has the opportunity to play a character in this gun slingin' mystery. Don't be barn sour, when purchasing your tickets make sure to select "Play a character" to get on the character list.



Tickets are priced according to the following:

  • Without childcare: $20 per person ($40 per couple)
  • With childcare: $27.50 per person ($55 per couple)

You can purchase tickets here.


March 4th, 2022 from 5pm to 8pm.


The mystery will take place at Light House Church:

2742 Barney ct

McHenry, IL 60051


We'll watch your young cowboys and cowgirls for an additional cost. See ticket pricing above for youngin' rates.


We're looking for workers in our nursery and to serve dinner. If you'd like to volunteer, you can live chat us in the bottom right corner or email us: info@lhcag.org

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