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24toDouble Vision Nights

Every Tuesday in January | 7 - 8:30pm


24toDouble, (24D), is a whole-church discipleship system that is built upon doing ministry and making discipleship the way Jesus did. 24D is a Biblical way of ministry not a corporate business model approach. We encourage everyone who calls LHC home to attend the five January 24toDouble Vision Nights. You'll get to:

  • Understand why LHC does things the way we do.
  • Discover what the seven serving teams of LHC are and why we are building them.
  • Fully understand the LHC discipleship mission, vision, and process: Friends, Family, Faith.
  • Discover how important and powerful God-given spiritual gifts and passions are to productive Gospel ministry.
  • Build deeper relationships with your church family and team members.

We first began implementing 24toDouble in 2019 and since then LHC has more than doubled in attendance. We have expanded our ministry reach and have seen many salvations, water baptisms, and people actively serving The Lord on teams. God has done so much good and we still have yet to fully implement some of the principles. We are prayerfully following the Biblical principles taught in 24D while relying on the Holy Spirit every step of the way. We believe there are more people to reach with the gospel, more relationships to build, more discipleship to implement, and greater ministry yet to be performed in this Chain of Lakes Region. Gospel is priority one and we want to make the most of every opportunity to reach as many people as we possibly can with the Good News and to help make as many disciples as possible while we still can. 


Every Tuesday evening in January, 2023 from 7pm to 8:30pm.



Childcare will be provided on an RSVP basis. Please RSVP for each week of Vision Nights.

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